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DIY Department

DIY Department

Welcome to our DIY Department

DIY products, for both the trade and the public, is our bread and butter as a traditional hardware store.
Our range includes:

Hand Tools

All the usual products you’d expect like a range of saws, various types of hammer, spanners and spanner sets, hex keys, levels, tape measures, chisel sets, bit sets, tool boxes and much more.

Power Tools

Power drills, jigsaws, staple & glue guns, mouse & regulation sanders, we’ve got them all.

Power Tool Accessories

We keep a good range of Draper power tool accessories to fit most drill and standard power tools. We also keep suitable safety equipment such as face masks, ear defenders, protective spectacles and work gloves to help you carry out your job with the least possible risk to yourself.


Our range of Masons timber products will solve most of your 2 by 1, and 2 by 2 issues!


We’re proud to stock a wide range of basic and advanced ironmongery products. Screws, bolts, nails, nuts, fasteners and fixings, we’ve got it covered! We’re so sure of their quality that we even put our name on them...

Security Products

We keep a range of Securit door and window furniture, plus Sterling Locks, padlocks etc.

Electrical accessories

Alongside the usual cable reels and extension cables, we keep a range of electrical fittings such as light pulls, switches and socket housings.

If you’re not sure if we have what you’re looking for just give us a ring! If we’ve not got what you’re looking for, we can probably get it in for you!

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