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Home Department

Home Department

Home is where the [kettle] is

We stock a large range of homeware products including everyday essentials and the extras to make things run that more smoothly:

We keep a good range of basic housewares that cover most everyday and occasional needs. Our department has built up over time to include a wide range of home maintainance and kitchen products.

These include kitchen electricals including:

  • Toasters & kettles
  • Mixers/Processors
  • Fryers & microwaves

We also keep in stock a range of other products for the kitchen, for the stove as well as tabletop, including but not limited to:

  • Tableware
  • Measurement & scales
  • Bake & glassware
  • Roasters, saucepans & frying pans

In more general housewares we keep a broad mixture of goods including

  • Mops, buckets & brooms
  • Vacuum bags & spares
  • Plastics (bowls etc)

And finally we specialise in cleaning products, keeping an excellent range from all the top brands, with products including:

  • General household cleaners
  • Dusters & brushes
  • Dylon, carpet cleaners & air fresheners

We also hold a big range of HG product solutions which will offer a cleaning or restoring solution to pretty much any surface you have in the home, or in the garden!


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